Some events and places we have worked are The US Open for Tennis, The US Open for Golf, The NYSE, The Oasis Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility, The Marquis Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility, The Excel Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility, The Winthrop Hospital Health Fair, The Center for Employment Opportunities NYC, The Jones Beach Family Day Fair, Blue Sea Education, The Red Cross Relief World Trade Center, and The Famous Food Festival NY. 

Benefits of Chair Massages in the Workplace

  1. Increased employee productivity- Employees work harder and more efficiently when they know they are valued and appreciated. 

  2. Decrease in workmans compensation claims- Most claims are issues dealing with carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and repetitive stress injuries. All of which can be prevented via chair massages in the workplace.

  3.  Reduction in health care costs- Studies have shown that corporate chair massage has decreased doctor visits and prescription medication caused by lower back pain. 

Bottom Line-  Workplace massage is the answer to a stress-free work environment. 

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